Grammar 4 Writers (G4W) website, is an interactive, modular approach to English grammar instruction designed for students and teachers to boost achievement in writing.  It can be effectively used by students and instructors from middle grades through early college.

  • G4W makes grammar useful by applying it to writing.

  • G4W provides interactive practice with instant feedback.

  • G4W teaches with short concept videos.

  • G4W assesses progress with writing applications and quizzes.

  • G4W is aligned with and supports the Common Core language and writing standards.

  • G4W is the key to IMPROVING student writing.


Each module addresses a particular grammar structure or group of structures and is divided into three instructional sections.

  • HOW TO BUILD the structure(s)

  • HOW TO USE the structures(s)

  • HOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS WITH the structure(s)


Every module has instructional videos for each section.  Some modules have interactive powerpoint activities that can be used for skills practice.  Most modules also have a quiz and associated writing activities in three lengths.  

  • Sentence level writing practice

  • Paragraph-length writing practice

  • Composition-length writing acitivities.

Our Offerings
  • Instructional videos

  • Interactive practice activities 

  • Offline practice assignments

  • iPad apps

Our Mission

Our mission is building better writers through engaging, interactive grammar curriculum that teaches the craft of writing.